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Betsy Morsher, Schlosshotel Lerbach, Lancaster Beauty Farm, Germany

The foot bath is an ancient remedy that goes back to man's earliest days. Very common in Germany and Austria, it's found in many versions, depending on the intended treatment. It doesn't just take care of our five-toed extremities, but bathes the whole body in a feeling of overall well-being. Mountain hikers swear that a foot bath is the perfect way to relieve tension.

Recharge your batteries
Alternating a hot foot bath with a cold one provides an instant boost of energy, with the effects being felt throughout your tired body. Sit on the edge of the bathtub and stretch your feet out under a stream of hot water for 2 minutes; turn on the cold water and continue the treatment for 2 minutes. Alternate hot and cold for 12 minutes (3 cycles).

Invigorate your circulation
There's nothing like a Scottish shower. Use the same principle as described above to restore your energy by alternating 2 minutes of hot water with 5 seconds of cold, for 10 minutes.

A mint foot bath will get you ready for bed
After a hot day when you've perspired, or an exhausting day, soak your feet in hot water with a good handful of fresh mint for 10 minutes. The tension and stress will gradually fade away.

Cold feet
Dissolve a capful of Epsom salts in hot water and soak your feet up to the knees for 10 minutes.

Tired, bruised feet
After a long day of walking, soak your feet in hot water, adding 3 spoonfuls of baking soda. Then carry out a good exfoliation by rubbing the bottom of your feet with pulverized walnuts, sand or another granular product.

Water at 37°C (98° F) reduces the pain associated with plantar fatigue.

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