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Fragrance for women
Perfumer: Thierry Mugler
Original fragrance: 2005
The Taste of fragrance version: september 2011
Olfactory group: amber, woody, floral

The second major women’s fragrance to join the Thierry Mugler galaxy in 2005, Alien emerged as a talisman fragrance and a revelation.

Heralding a future full of hope and light, the fragrance is an “Amber - Woody - Floral“ creation born of the bold excess of powerful accords.

The Taste of Fragrance 2011
Alien 1

Heightened by the solar, floral notes of jasmine sambac mixing with the cashmeran wood and the depth of white amber, this peaceful, serene fragrance is given a savory-sweet reflection in its ‘Taste of Fragrance’ version.

To embellish the wealth of the amber tones, the perfumer imagined a salted butter caramel, like the juice that forms when a dish is caramelized with sugar or honey at the end of the cooking process.

Pierre Aulas, Olfactory Artistic Director for Thierry Mugler Parfums
Salted butter caramel was chosen as the taste enhancer. Added to the original formula, it turns Alien’s amber tones into deliciously velvety notes.

In addition to Alien’s prime components of jasmine sambac and amber, the fragrance features citrus fruits and spices. As for Angel’s signature patchouli, the cashmeran wood is somewhat set apart as it is challenging to refl ect in taste.

Inspiration of Hélène Darroze, Grand Chef, Paris
Listening to your description, I immediately think of a dessert… I want creaminess and delicacy, a perfect harmony between citrus, flowers and this dark note, which awaken the salted butter caramel. A bean could be at the heart of the recipe to translate the cashmeran wood. It will be a surprise!

Tonka bean ice cream with “clafoutis“ cookie, half-candied pink grapefruit and salted butter caramel

Alien 2
2013 - Alien Aqua Chic
Alien 3

Solar lightness of orange blossom water blended with a lemon blossom and pink grapefruit accord

With Alien, Thierry Mugler shares his vision of a dazzling woman, a modern deity who radiates a benevolent force. Alien is a floral woody amber creation endowed with the singular power to reveal the radiant beauty of every woman… A new ethereal radiance, brimming with sunlight and energy, illuminates Alien in its Aqua Chic version: gorged with soft, solar orange blossom water, the original fragrance is refreshed by a vibrant and mellow lemon blossom and pink grapefruit accord. Revealed by this lively energy that lightens the woody amber base, Alien Aqua Chic dazzles and wraps the skin in a subtle and original aura of diaphanous, comforting sensuality. A floral amber fresh fragrance by Dominique Ropion for IFF. A sparkling jewel with a silver mirror effect In the magic of summer light, the amethyst stone pulses with a metallic silver sheen to reveal the sensual freshness of the new Alien. EDT Light 50 ml.

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