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Fragrance for men
House : Montblanc
Designer : Olivier Pescheux
Launching : 2013
Olfactory group : woody floral

In 2011, Mont Blanc entered the Legend with a new mens’ fragrance levelling to the expectations the brand inspires. Contemporary, sensual and inspirational, it seduces all men thanks to its Aromatic Fougère note.

The 2013 Special Edition introduces a new olfactive and graphic interpretation of Montblanc Legend: a fresher & lighter fragrance for summer!

A subtle twist of the original fragrance with an icy feeling inspired by high mountains and glaciers, which leaves an incredible feeling of freshness and energy.

The bottle
Montblanc Legend Special Edition 1

The icy concept of the perfume is suggested by the colours of the bottle, which has a frosty look and touch. The effect is amplified by deep blue to black fading to transparency on the sides. The scent retains the exact, flattering lines of the original, which are both virile and contemporary, and the specific codes of the Montblanc Legend bottle.


Faithful to the contemporary elegance of Mont Blanc Legend, this edition maintains the pure and sophisticated signature of the original fragrance.

A surprising new duo of Frosted Ginger and Aromatic Spearmint immediately reveals a frozen, sparkling, sharp freshness, breathing an invigorating energy into the fragrance and stimulating the senses

Top notes:
The top notes are enhanced by icy chords of frosted ginger and spearmint oil, surrounded by citrusy juices of lime and bergamot essence, which create a feeling of freshness, fizziness and energy.

The powerful blend, loaded with optimism, is softened by aromatic lavendin Essence.

Heart notes:
The heart notes combine chords of Clear Jasmine, White Cedarwood and Rose. The Pomarose molecule is also added to this flowery-woody union.

Base notes:
The base blends warm and creamy notes of amber, sandalwood and tonka, along with Evernyl and Ambrofix molecules.

Montblanc Legend Special Edition 2

Olivier Pescheux, the perfumer behind this fresh fougere creation, tried to make the fragrance filled with contrasts, combining notes that evoke strength and tenderness, tradition and modernity. The composition opens with fresh aromatic tones of bergamot, lavender, pineapple leaf and exotic verbena (Litsea Cubeba). The heart emphasizes oakmoss note (evernyl molecule) merged with geranium, coumarin, apple, rose, and Pomarosa molecule (notes of dried fruit). The base contains sandalwood, tonka and evernyl.

The bottle
Heavy and slightly curved bottle of black and metallic is colors inspired by the famous Meisterstück pen design, made of glass and metal. The design is minimalistic and luxurious, perfect for the concept behind this fragrance.


EDT 100 ml / 50 ml
After-Shave Balm 150 ml
All Over Body Shampoo 150 ml
Deodorant Stic

Montblanc Legend Special Edition 3

Montblanc Legend special edition is a refreshed version of the original designed for the summer season created by Olivier Pescheux, 

This eau de toilette is timeless, elegant and completely invigorating.

Top notes
The composition begins with lime from Peru and fresh mint from Morocco, bergamot, and lavender

Heart nots
The top notes lead to the heart of violet leaf, green apple, cardamom, pomarose.

Base notes
The base contains raw wood accords like pak moss, white cedarwood, sandalwood, dry amber.

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