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Fragrance for women and men
House: Guerlain
Designer: Thierry Wasser
Launching: September 2012
Olfactory group: woody floral

After New York, Tokyo, Moscow and London, Guerlain is now landing amidst the urban extravagance of Shanghai, a trendy and exciting new destination, a megalopolis that never sleeps. 

Beyond a simple cosmopolitan city, Shanghai is the heart of immoderation, liveliness and inventiveness. Shanghai has always been a city of paradoxes.

Thierry Wasser composed this new journey like a half-opened door on a mostly unknowned world. The destination of this fifth voyage of sensory discovery is the Middle Kingdom and the intoxicating city of Shanghai. Scents from the past, like that of the Puxi district, a former French concession, in the shade of sweet-smelling plane trees. Ancient scents from the lush Yu Garden dotted with exotic flowers, rockeries, pools, zigzag bridges, topiary trees.

Typical scents escaping from little shops that fill the air with the essential oils and herbs used in Chinese medicine. Delicious scents emanating from the peddlers who fill the streets and sell local delicacies redolent with the aroma of spices – ginger or star anise. Modern scents conjured up by the city’s jaw-dropping skyline, particularly buildings like the “Pearl Tower”, which soars to a height of 468 m and represents a triumph over time.

No°5 Shanghai 1

A map of Shanghai, designed like a scented treasure hunt by the French artist Carla Sonia, invites the reader to travel through the most perfumed places of Shanghai. A very exciting trip is elaborated through the city to discover the most unusual places.

The Packaging

On the front of the bottle the number “5” and the name of Shanghai in english and chinese are written.

The iconic view of Shanghai, the Shanghai bay, drawn by Serge Mansau on the back of the bottle, is subtly visible through the transparency of the glass bottle.

The sweet yellow-golden colour reminds us the contrast of the city between tradition and modernity.


Thierry Wasser has avoided oriental clichés in the creation of this new journey, putting us off the scent to ensure that the fragrance isn’t too obvious or predictable. The initial impression is of a sweet freshness, perfectly reflected by an almond accord, combined with a hint of aniseed. This unexpected pairing, like a gentle caress, soft as the morning breeze in summer, slowly sneaks up on you. Gradually, it plunges deeper into a more radiant heart: a blend of creamy, powdery and floral notes. Sweet, sun-drenched flowers, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and jasmine combine to create an exquisitely full-bodied scent that conjures up an abstract bouquet with hints of iris and delicately sophisticated mimosa. This olfactory voyage of discovery is underscored by three woody notes — cedar, patchouli and, most noticeably, sandalwood — offset by a gentle whisper of vanilla.

Head notes
Almond, Bergamote, Anis

Heart notes
Mimosa, Iris, Ylang-ylang, Orange blossom and Jasmine.

Base notes
Vanilla, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli

No°5 Shanghai 2

This poetic journey combines maps, images, drawings and suggestions to follow closely.

No°5 Shanghai 3
The collection
  1. Moscow – fruity & woody
  2. New-York – oriental & woody
  3. London – floral woody, green & fruity
  4. Tokyo – green & floral

New: All the bottles of the collection will have a new cap with flag detail.

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