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Fragrance for women

Designer : Couvent des Minimes
Lauching : 2009
Olfactory Group : floral, citrus family

Since the 14th century, Orange Blossom Floral Water, also called Eau de Naphe (the Provençal name for the orange tree) has been known, distilled and used by many convents in the south of France. In this form, or as an ingredient in a balm or ointment, it soothes, heals and softens the skin.

Later, at the Couvent des Minimes, this tradition was enriched by knowledge and expertise passed on to the Missionary Sisters by the Moroccan women they met during their frequent missions abroad.

Le Couvent des Minimes has continued this tradition of using Orange Blossom to care for the skin by creating its Orange Blossom Recipe.

This delicious, luminous scent, with Orange Blossom essential oil, captures the fragrant atmosphere of springtime walks through fields of Mediterranean orange trees. It delightfully evokes the smell of holidays, childhood memories and grandmothers' delicious treats…

50 ml spray bottle held in an old-style box that combines the original white of Orange Blossom with the sparkle of a fruity orange and a natural green.
The paper used for the Eau de Toilette box comes from sustainable forests and is certified bleached without the use of chlorine.

The sparkling fruitiness of Orange, the striking green notes of Petitgrain and the floral softness of Orange Blossom come together in a delicious scent warmed by hints of vanilla.

Mandarin, Raspberry, Orange

Orange blossom, Jasmine, Petitgrain

Vanilla, Musks, Precious woods

Two other original formulas, made with Mediterranean Orange Blossom softening extract and aromatic essential oil, pay homage to this ancestral tradition.

  • Gently cleanse Skin Softening Shower Gel - An "orange syrup" texture that transforms into a fine lather in the shower.
  • Skin Softening Body Cream - A rich, smooth, rapidly absorbed cream with "Fresh effect" Mint Extract. Beyond bodycare, an irresistle way to perfume the skin.
Couvent des Minimes
Orange Blossom by The Couvent des Minimes 1

Located in the heart of Haute Provence, France, Le Couvent des Minimes is a unique sun-drenched convent with an ancestral tradition of love and passion for plants and natural ingredients.

It was for the mendicant order at Minimes, instituted by Saint Vincent de Paul, that Marquis Melchior de Forbin Janson founded in 1613 the Couvent des Minimes at Mane in what became the Alpes de Haute Provence.

The culture and study of plants then became an important part in the life of Le Couvent. Louis Feuillée, Louis XIV's botanist studied there and wrote two treatise.

Indispensible source of knowledge and of pleasure, laid out in terraces, "with low retaining walls" on twelve levels recreated as a vast garden along the way of the old stations of the cross... filled with hundreds of botanical species that were studied and used, throughout the years, by the residents of the convent.

This exceptional site of several acres comprises an aromatic
garden, a pleasure garden, a kitchen garden and is completely dedicated to aromatic and classic plants, of Mediterranean and Provencal fragrances, and more generally to the rediscovered tradition of the Couvent des Minimes : Explore and pass on the benefits of the World of plants.

Today, Le Couvent des Minimes Recipes pay tribute to this long tradition of care and well-being through plants, with a range of products for the body and home.

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