04-2011 - Beauty Companies lend a helping hand

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Lush supports relief efforts in Japan
04-2011 - Beauty Companies lend a helping hand 1

Rising Sun - Shaped like the Japanese flag and smelling of cherries with spicy cinnamon undertones, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of The Rising Sun will go directly to Peace Boat. Since the earthquake they have been organizing teams of volunteers, transporting aid, and providing meals to those affected by the disaster.

Charity Pot - It's made with skin-softening cocoa butter and almond oil to make your skin feel lovely, and it has a scent you'll want to sniff all day long. Every penny that you pay for a pot, excluding the tax, goes to one of the following three charities that support relief efforts in Japan : Rescue Stock Yard, NGO Collaboration Centre for HANSHIN QUAKE Rehabilitation and Animal Peace. Those products are available in stores or online at

CoverGirl provides clean drinking water for children
04-2011 - Beauty Companies lend a helping hand 2

Clean is beautiful – and there’s nothing more beautiful than clean, fresh drinking water.

NEW Limited Edition COVERGIRL Clean Compacts, available in safari-inspired prints as seen on the spring/summer runways, will provide a week’s worth of clean drinking water for children in developing countries for each compact sold. In celebration of their 50th anniversary, COVERGIRL Clean will donate 14 cents to the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Fund with each purchase of a limited edition Clean compact, for a donation of up to $50,000. Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) is a program dedicated to addressing the critical, global need for clean, safe drinking water.

Through the COVERGIRL Clean Makeup for Clean Water campaign, COVERGIRL is making it possible to join the global effort to supply clean, safe drinking water to children in need. The campaign will deliver clean, purified drinking water to needy areas via low-cost, PUR™ packet technology that purifies even heavily contaminated drinking water so it meets World Health Organization standards for safe drinking water. For more on CSDW, visit: The campaign will run from April to June, 2011.

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