Say goodbye to wine stains

Are you bemoaning a wine stain left on your white tablecloth… or your blouse? As soon as a glass of red wine topples over, people tend to sprinkle the stain with salt, but did you know that a little shot of white wine is even more effective? You'll see the red wine stain literally disappear before your eyes. If there's still a hint of pink left, don't be tempted to wash your tablecloth with bleach. Simply launder it in soapy water. Good-quality fabrics often contain silk or linen fibers that tend to yellow rather than whiten.

If you have a dozen napkins that match your tablecloth, but you've only had 6 or 8 guests, put all of the napkins into the laundry even if they haven't all been used. Otherwise the green in some will end up less green, the white less white. Every wash can fade the color… and while the difference may be slight, over time your napkins won't all have the same uniform hue.

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