Modern shaping solutions - Shapewear guidelines

Modern shaping solutions... RUBBER GIRDLE NOT REQUIRED

Nothing can ruin an outfit faster than a muffin top, bra bulge or dreaded visible panty line. Thankfully, today there are a variety of technologically advanced, everyday undergarments that work to provide the right foundation for under clothing.

Every body type can benefit from shapewear – even a size two can have bumps or dimples to hide. Shapewear can now achieve many things: smooth cellulite; shrink waistlines, hips or thighs; lift the bottom or bust; or simply hide panty lines to create a more even look.

Of course, to avoid uncomfortably suffocating to death, shapewear should be approached with a few
guidelines in mind.

Modern Shaping Solutions by Playtex

Playtex has introduced a number of easy-to-wear shapewear pieces designed to spot tone and re-sculpt, providing support where there is none and streamlining problem areas for a variety of figures.


Thanks to Canadelle for their kind assistance.
Underwear : Platex Shapewear
Fashion : Victoria's Secret

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