Working Girl Style

Since the big fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan, four major trends have taken shape, four completely different looks. From the runways to the city…

Style, Hair and Makeup Trends for Fall and Winter 2006-7

Working Girl Style

A pantsuit or tailored jacket and knee-length skirt, boots or court shoes… the 2006/07 winter season is ruled by elegance. Designers have imagined strict but chic looks for active women. This trend focuses on the female as a powerful and independent career girl. For this role, she requires a simple, but expensive, working wardrobe. It's an androgynous look, hot with sleek sex appeal. The 80's power suit is redefined and comes in muted grays (Céline), chiné grays (Bill Blass), taupes, cements and black and white or ivory (Gucci), with skinny/baggy trousers, city shorts, a tunic or shift dress, in super luxe fabrics such as silk, organza, cashmere and tweed.

Working Girl Style 1

Under the three-piece suit, a sharp gentleman's shirt is teamed with a cashmere pullover or polo neck, as seen at Paul Smith. Two-piece tailored suits reveal a peek of white shirt, highlighted with a big knot (Valentino) or a tone-on-tone tie (Gucci, Ralph Lauren). White is in everywhere: only the texture differs. Opaque tights are worn at all times: the working girl likes to cover up. Jewelry is discreet and kept to a minimum.

The working girl can't head out without a designer handbag, briefcase, postman's bag or laptop case (Chloe's was a big hit) as a symbol of power and wealth. Whatever the bag, think BIG. Jackets are tailored and accentuated with a wide belt. Platform ankle boots or court shoes replace the stiletto, while black-rimmed spectacles add Miss Moneypenny efficiency to the look. Skirts have lost much of their length and expose the knees, leaving room for boots that come up to mid-calf. The trench coat is another must-have accessory for the career girl; this season it has been reconstructed yet again, with bondage-style straps, balloon sleeves and large fur trims. Céline does an elegant interpretation in dark brown crocodile, while Paco Rabanne and Emanuel Ungaro trim it with fur for a look that's both chic and dramatic. Oversized factory overalls, baggy dungarees and bag lady coats appear in muted, parcel-paper colors to create a strong sense of machine-like power and masculinity.

Working Girl Style 2
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