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Known since ancient times, coffee as we consume it today originated in Ethiopia. Picked before it is ripe, the raw unroasted coffee bean is green. In this form, it is very rich in caffeine and very effective for combatting fatigue, migraines, cellulite and even aging.

Green! The roasting process that is part of dark coffee production results in the loss of a large number of these benefits. This is why green coffee beans have the advantage when you want to fight cellulite, bulges and that extra little tummy.

Draining effect

The high level of caffeine found in the green coffee bean lets you increase your energy output, facilitating weight loss and burning off accumulated fat. It also is an excellent diuretic and promotes elimination and transit - it's therefore an excellent coffee to include as part of a diet.

Physical and mental stimulant

Green, like black, coffee, reduces fatigue and increases endurance. It promotes brain activity by heightening the senses, increasing vigilance and improving concentration. Green coffee is best consumed in the morning or during work hours to boost concentration. Its effect on migraines is also acknowledged.

Useful to combat accumulated toxins

Green coffee is known as a stimulant and detoxifier. Found in green coffee are cafestol and kahweol, which combat the toxins found in the liver and polluting substances present in the environment (exhaust gases, pesticides, tobacco). Green coffee has regenerative properties. These substances, found only in green coffee, act on the digestive process through the GST (gluathion-S transferase) enzyme. Furthermore, the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee protects the body from skin aging.

What if we use creams instead of drinking green coffee?

It's true! Yves Rocher began to go green some years ago. Three times more effective than caffeine, green coffee beans with the highest content of the active ingredient Coffea canephora robusta help reduce the appearance of fatty deposits. They are part of several products targeted to get rid of what you dislike most!

In 2013, Yves Rocher launches its new Body Shaping Program that contains 6 ultra-powerful botanical ingredients including Green coffee and Caffeine that almost effortlessly resculpt your body and attack unwanted curves on all fronts. 3 products containing each one the perfect dosage and complementary combination of 3 different active ingredients made-to-measure results according to targeted body shaping needs.

Effect Cellulite Serum to smooth orange peel
Green coffee 1

Who's it for?
Women who are fed up with cellulite!

Under the influence of hormones, heredity or stress, cellulite appears on the skin's surface, giving it that infamous "orange skin" look. To get rid of it, you have to both promote circulation and fight against fatty deposits. 

How does it work?
Green coffee beans with their anti-fat deposit properties are combined with Green tea (refines) + Centella (firms) to smooth orange peel.
A powerful triple botanical effect in a gel formula that smoothes the appearance of unwanted cellulite. A texture that melts into the skin upon application

Effect Abs & Butt for sculpting
Green coffee 2

Who's it for?
For those who, like most women, feel their abdomen isn't flat or firm enough and who are looking for a solution. 

The body first stores fat for future need on the abdomen. That's why fat often ends up accumulating there. To get rid of it, congested tissues have to be relieved and drained.

How does it work?
Green coffee beans with their anti-fat deposit properties are combined with Lotus (anti-stock) + Centella (firms) to tone tummy and beautiful behind
A fresh gel formula that penetrates quickly resculpts your tummy and tones and firms your behind! A texture that is quickly absorbed and non-sticky.

Effect Toned Looking Thighs and Stubborn Fatty Zones
Green coffee 3

Who's it for?
Women who no longer want to put up with stubborn localized bulges. 

For hormonal and hereditary reasons, fat cells tend to accumulate in specific areas. To get rid of them, attacking these stubborn fatty zones isn't enough - you also have to clean out and sooth inflamed tissues.

How does it work?
The green coffee bean with its anti-fat storage properties is combined with Caffeine (refines) + Horse chestnut (smoothes) to resculp your thights
A powerful firming lotion that offers firmer, tauter looking thighs quickly due to its three different actions! A unique texture that feels light but is oh so effective!

In 15 days, bulges will be visibly reduced. In a month, the most stubborn areas will look toned.

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