Vitamin D

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These days, because of pollution and major anti-sun campaigns, it's increasingly common for our bodies to lack vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin that prevents rickets. Our body normally produces it from fats present in the skin which are transformed under the effect of the sun. In the summer all that's needed is to expose ourselves to small doses of sunlight - as with most things, it's the excess that causes damage.

Vitamin D repairs cells as well as helping to distribute calcium and maximize its absorption in order to maintain healthy bones. It's an indispensable vitamin for growth and for healing fractures after an accident.

Lack of vitamin D can lead to brittle, breakable nails as well as an increased incidence of nervousness and insomnia.

On your plate

  • The best source is fish liver oil and sardines in oil
  • it is found in small quantities in milk, summer butter, yeast and egg yolk
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