What is cryotherapy? You may have heard about it. This is called cryolift. Recognized by high-level athletes, cold therapy or cryotherapy is increasingly aimed at the general public. Is it effective to recover after a sports session? Does it help reduce the risk of injury or improve performance? The media have talked about it since the sportsmen have used it (Euro Football 2010, Olympic Games 2012, World Cup 2014 ... But cryotherapy does not stop there, it extends to anti-aging care - the field with which we are interested in.

We went to Dermazone to know more about this technique, which seems less stressful to us than mesotherapy, botox and other invasive treatments. Here, NO needle, NO injection. NO product will be injected as this is a medical procedure explained Dalila, general manager of the clinic. Instead of the needles, a cryo-probe is used. Here we utilizes state-of-the-art non-surgical technology to treat signs of ageing

The Cryolift Facial is non-invasive and works using Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy.” Cold has a direct influence on the improvement of micro circulation in the skin. Fast cooling of the particular area causes the paradox movement of blood vessels. This mechanism consists of the fast contracting and loosening the vessels. This way we can evoke the pumping effect. We activate the micro circulation in the skin, thus facilitating the better oxygenation of skin cells. Well oxygenated cell optimally uses its energy reserves. Apart from the better penetration of active components, we can also achieve the better improvement of skin cells' functioning.

This treatment is the beauty secret of stars and artists before some "important outing", or before going on stage or on camera. Let's see in detail this treatment developed by the Filorga Laboratory that has been equipping physicians for more than 30 years in the field of medico-aesthetic. 

Step 1 - Deep cleansing

No care could be applied if the skin is not rid of its impurities and any trace of makeup. After making you comfortable, the beautician will start by removing your make-up and cleansing the face, neck and décolleté followed by a tonic lotion.

Step 2 - Diagnostic

 Beautician will then take time to study your skin and make her diagnosis to choose the right protocol.

- It is used as a once-off rejuvenation treatment or as part of a maintenance program

- It is used to restore firmness, tone, and radiance to the fatigued skin.

- Cryotherapy also helps to decrease pigmentation

The number of sessions varies according to the person, the age and the expected result. But we see already a difference after a single treatment.

Step 3 -

Application of the exclusive Filorga NCTF gel on the whole face, neck and décolleté with a brush. It contains 53 ingredients including 15 vitamins enriched with minerals and 24 amino acids with the addition of coenzymes and nucleic acids. This preparation has unique properties to regenerate skin. It acts comprehensively thanks to its content of all necessary substances needed for regeneration. It is a result of long-standing experiences of doctor and the most modern technology from the field of medical cosmetics.

The beautician proceeds on one half of the face in order to better visualize the success of the treatment.

Step 4 - The Cryolift experience
Chryotherapy 1

Then, thanks to the cryo-probe, circular movements of tissue stimulation draining and lifting are performed, starting with the décolleté, neck, oval face, nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the mouth), marionette lines (lines causing the corners of the mouth to turn down), crow’s feet (fine lines around the eyes)... In a word, it is a facial gymnastics by the cold.

The end of the probe looks like a small round, flat coin that is applied to the skin with gentle pressing motions so that the product penetrates deepest into the dermis instead of acting solely on the skin 'epidermis. Even if you are talking about cold to rapidly chill the skin surface (stabilized at -15 ° C), it is less cold than an ice cube (-18 ° C) and since the probe moves, it causes NO feeling of discomfort. Actually, we tend to fall asleep.

Step 5 - Start again
Chryotherapy 2

Then the beautician, after showing the difference between the treated part and the untreated part, starts treatment again on the other half of the face - application of the NCTF complex and cryo-probe.

Step 6 - Massage & Mask

After removing the NCTF gel, the beautician perfects protocol with a massage on the entire face followed by a mask always using a brush on all the treated areas.

Step 7 - Result

And to finish the treatment, a serum and a day cream are applied on the treated areas ... always with the products Skin Perfusion from Filorga.

The skin is fresh and plump, the complexion is radiant and unified, the oval of the face is redesigned, the traces of fatigue are erased, the lines and wrinkles are attenuated. You feel like you have been lifted. Its bio-stimulating action also revives the complexion for a good looking appearance as after a walk in the fresh air.

To appear a few years less in 1 hour or 2 or at least to erase the signs of fatigue that betray us, we all dream. If your usual mask is no longer able to cope with the lack of glow and you are not ready for injections, opt for an anti-aging Skin Perfusion treatment from Filorga. Want to try? 

Chryotherapy 3

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1130, boul. Curé Labelle, Suite 210
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To find out about the clinics offering Filorga Cryotherapy in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italia, China, Spain, please contact the parent company.

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