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The daily shaving routine will never be the same again, thanks to a revolutionary new electric shaver from Braun that has the power to put shaving irritation on ice. The new Braun °CoolTec is the world’s first dry shaver that’s engineered to deliver the leading shaving performance you expect from Braun whilst creating a noticeable reduction in the signs of shaving irritation including burning, itching, redness, skin tension and warmth.

How? The Braun °CoolTec features innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling (TEC) technology, usually reserved for the construction of space crafts and satellites. This technology transfers heat away from the shaver head and cools down the skin during the shave, leaving an energizing coolness when the shaver glides around the contours of the face.

The cutting-edge aluminium cooling bar is integrated into the shaver head and makes contact with the skin during shaving to transport heat away from the skin, actively cooling and calming skin, all at the push of a button and without the need for any additional products like gels or lotions.

Braun’s advanced SensoBlade delivers the ultimate smooth shave, specially designed shaving to capture hair growing in different directions, ensuring the perfect closeness that lasts longer.

°CoolTec’s 3-stage cutting system adapts automatically to facial contours and shaves short and long hairs in every stroke.

Braun °CoolTec features a powerful long hair trimmer for easy to maintain stubble.

Automatic Clean & Charge Station (optional)
At the simple touch of a button the shaver is hygienically cleaned, charged and lubricated for maximum convenience. It also keeps the shaving foil in top condition. Fully charged in an hour, Braun °CoolTec provides up to 45 minutes cordless shaving.

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