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New cosmetic alternative for "tough skins" that play their part in tissue hydration, reconstitute the extra-cellular matrix and dynamize the skin's functions.

Hormeta's anti-dullness solution is a combination of a vitamin C derivative and a microporous powder which absorbs the sebum on the surface of the skin to remove shine.

The extract of Cestrum latifolium leaves promotes reduced sensitivity and helps to prevent anti-inflammatory reactions and helps the skin to understand the environment better.

Skin care has now become part of men's daily routine!

Indications : men over 30, all skin type.

If you want to increase the anti-dark circles activity around the eyes, apply before the PRO-CONTOUR MEN Active Gel Eye.
Also available : Foaming Cleansing Gel and After-Shave Balm

Do you know Hormeta?
"Searching for eternal youth!" This started it all, a drive to a tireless research by Maurice Chaponnier, who founded the HORMETA Swiss Laboratories in 1950, a motivation still on the move! Mr. Chaponnier, a herbalist and a nature lover, realized the importance of trace elements in our organism, and pioneered their study and usage. On the very beginning he concentrated on mineral catalysts. Later with the rich knowledge acquired, along with his deep understanding on herbs and their benefits, he associated and combined the results of much of his research and discoveries on trace elements importance and functions with the results of related experiments on cellular regeneration on skin level. The outcome was amazing, and gave birth to the first HORMETA beauty care products.

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