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Prepare Your Skin for the Shave.

You must always keep your face clean. Men usually have oilier skin than woman and they have larger pores too. Thus your face may attract more bacteria and is more prone to acnes. I recommend that you invest in a good tub of face wash as deep cleaning is essential to keep you pores clear and skin healthy.

Even if you aren’t shaving every part of your face, it’s key to prepare the skin to ensure a close and comfortable shave where you are removing the hair.

First, wash your face and neck area with a mild cleanser/scrub and warm water for at least two minutes to remove unwanted dirt and oil (this can also be accomplished by showering before the shave). By doing this, you will maximize the hydration, softening facial hair – which can be as tough as copper wire when dry -- to reduce the force needed to cut it.


Gillette Fusion ProSeries Sensitive Face Wash: A mild soap-free formula with aloe vera suitable for everyday use on sensitive skin.

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