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Designer : Old Spice, Procter & Gamble
Olfactory groupe : fuity woody

Old Spice isn’t your father’s aftershave anymore. While being typecast as the older gentleman’s scent for decades, Old Spice has made a comeback in recent years with a refreshingly scented line of body wash, deodorant, body spray, and more. OS Signature is simply a continuation of the new and improved Old Spice scent in an aftershave and eau de toilette form. It may be a classic brand, but OS is sporting a new, trendy flavor that men -- and women -- are quickly falling for.

Smelling good is always practical. No matter the occasion; from business meetings to weekend jaunts, OS Signature goes with every outfit and every activity you have lined up for the day. There’s simply never a wrong time to sport such an appealing scent.

As long as it’s fashionable to have a pleasant smell -- which we assume will be an infinite ongoing trend -- OS Signature will be your staple fragrance. With its cedarwood and musky background, and refreshing lime, grapefruit and pine notes, you’ll love the subtle blend of masculinity and invigoration present in this single, provoking scent.

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