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Irritations, itching, burning sensations ... Ouch! Here's how you fell if you have an ultra-sensitive skin. Although the epidermis of men is more resistant than that of women, 30% of them suffer from having a very sensitive skin. The shaving can then become very unpleasant.

According to a global study, more than three out of five men have sensitive skin. Winters below zero can exacerbate redness, dryness and itching affecting sensitive skin during colder months.

So here are some shaving tips for men with sensitive skin (and even those with normal skin!). Know that the "razor burn" is not inevitable. Follow the guide.

 1 - Shave at the right time

The best time to shave is immediately after a warm shower. Warm water hydrates the hairs themselves, softening them so that they can more easily be cut by the razor. Hydrated hair means less traction against the razor, less force for each stroke of the blade, and ultimately less irritation to the skin. 

No time to go in the shower?
Never shave with cold water.

To soften the hair, apply a hot towel before shaving and leave it for a few minutes. That's what the barbers did. A simple little trick that always works.


2 - Use the right shave gel

Shave gels serve an important function - they hydrate the hair by softening it up and preparing it to be cut. They also help reduce friction between the razor blade and the skin, so each stroke can be smooth. Make sure to pick a gel which is specifically designed to be gentle on sensitive skin and dermatologist tested. Using a shave gel like this will allow the razor to then optimally glide for a close and comfortable shave. 


3 - Use the right razor

Especially for have sensitive skin, it is important to use the right razor. While most people think of shaving as something you do to your hair, it in fact significantly affects the skin. Choosing the right tool to shave with is as important as your technique. The latest technology has given rise to razors with multiple blades, scientifically spaced to minimize pressure on the skin. This translates into great closeness and comfort - critical for guys with sensitive skin. A great example of a perfect razor for sensitive skin is the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, which features five low-cutting-force blades with thin, fine edges and an advanced low resistance coating that enables the blades to cut effortlessly through hair with minimal tug-and-pull, while a blade stabilizer that maintains optimal blade spacing for comfort allows the blades to adjust to the unique contours of a man’s face. Using an advanced razor such as this addresses both skin and hair issues, ensuring a smooth shave while minimizing the risk of skin irritation. 


4 - Know when to change your dull blade

Razors are designed to cut hair easily and glide across the skin without the need for much force. When the blades are dull, both your hair and your skin can pay the price. In fact, dull blades are sometimes the culprit for certain kinds of sensitive skin and can require more pressure to use and therefore can lead to skin irritation and razor burn. If you experience a sensation of pulling when shaving, the lubricating strip on the razor has worn away, or your skin is getting irritated after shaving, it may be time for a new blade! 


5. It's sometimes just a question of technique

Never work in the wrong direction. By using light strokes and shaving with the grain, you can achieve a close and comfortable shave.

Avoid spending more than twice on the same areas to avoid irritating your skin. Stay soft in your actions: no need to exert too much pressure - the effect will not be more convincing but your skin will suffer more.

6 - Don't forget about aftercare

Skin care is as important during shaving as hair care. Shaving can be potentially irritating and leave the skin inflamed, especially for guys with sensitive skin. Applying an aftershave is important to soothe and hydrate the skin. While traditional alcoholic aftershaves were originally designed as antiseptics because shaving would frequently lead to cuts in the skin, current aftershaves serve as moisturizers to comfort the skin and help maintain the integrity of the skin barrier.



Did you know that Gillette Fusion is recommended by dermatologists for men with sensitive skin. Gillette Fusion ProShield 5 men's razor contains blades that shield while you shave. ProShield Lubrication before and after the blades lays down a protective layer to shield from irritation. Gillette Fusion ProShield 5 is Gillette's most advanced razor. When purchasing your razor or razor refills, just look for the yellow blade and handle (Top photo). Try it!

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