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Fragrance for men / Eau de toilette
Designer : Thierry Mugler
Created by Jean-Christophe Herault
Launching date : 2019
Olfactory Group: Leathery, Woody, Aromatic

For the first time since its launch in 2005, Alien has found its masculine alter ego: Alien Man. Mugler has called upon a hero, half-man and half-god, in search of new light. Mugler has reinvented the leather fragrance family by overdosing it and giving it a skillful olfactory twist: An overdose of Osmanthus blossom with apricot notes paired with a woody base of smoked beech bark, creating a unique signature that is both reassuring and intriguing. This latest addition to the Alien Universe joins the We Are All Alien concept; a fascination with diversity. We celebrate the beauty of being different, as we are bonded together by our differences.

The bottle
Alien Man 1

The new Alien Man bottle is a modern tribute to its feminine alter ego, Alien Eau de Parfum. The bottle represents a new affirmation, simultaneously minimalist, yet graphic. The shape of the Alien Man bottle retains the architectural structure of the feminine version, although simplified. Its facets have been smoothed, its base hardened, its gold prongs replaced by a solid silver line. Art and medium collide when color blends with glass to reveal a new shade – a surreal dark blue, soothing and obscure, which also reveals violet tones.

The notes
Alien Man 2

An addictive fragrance:

Smoked Beech - Dill

Cashmeran - Leather

Osmanthus - White Amber

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