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Men's fragrance / Eau de toilette
Maison: Azzaro
Lauching: 2019
Olfactory group: Fresh, Aromatic, and Woody

A new chapter of the Chrome saga begins in the Mediterranean. Through an all-new aromatic freshness, Chrome Aqua creates a more dazzling fragrance and gives rise to a new vibration, like a clean breeze that intermingles with sea foam.

A father and son, overlooking the Mediterranean. Their unique complicity and their taste for a challenge push them to take the plunge. Chrome Aqua is inspired by this timeless moment: when, with shared excitement as strong as it is fleeting, your heart pounds before experiencing profound joy. A fresh and dazzling break from life.

Like an invitation to jump into the cool blue ocean, the fragrance envelops the skin with the intense, ephemeral feeling of aquatic freshness that is felt when the body first hits the water. When a clean breeze intermingles with the ocean waves... An aquatic moment with explosive freshness.

A bottle tinted with the colors of the ocean
Chome Aqua 1

Following Chrome's azure blue, the fragrance’s deep ocean green is reminiscent of the color of sun-kissed waves. The cap is now a soft and subtle white while the bottle’s opaque glass, thanks to its matte finish, seems to have been created by the gentle washing and rolling effects of sea foam, like sea glass.

The notes - At the heart of the wave
Chome Aqua 2

Chrome Aqua reinvents the legendary freshness of Chrome with a new interpretation bursting with lively aromatic notes. Just like a great plunge into the deep blue sea, the fragrance envelops the skin with the intense, ephemeral feeling of aquatic freshness through three invigorating, aromatic citrus accords:

> Dawn - Grapefruit
Paired with juicy green apple, the zest of this citrus fruit
sparkles, tickling the skin and sending chills throughout the

> Zenith - Basil
Basil essential oil enhances and strengthens the fragrance’s
marine notes with new freshness that exudes aromatic
inflections, invigorating the skin like a dive into the great
depths of the sea.

> Twilight - Vetiver
The woody texture of this essential oil adds a bold,
masculine signature to its long aromatic trail, strengthening
the citrusy radiance of the fragrance.



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