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You're About to See Blue Nail Polish Color Everywhere in 2020. Pantone described its selection as “a timeless and enduring blue hue, timeless in its simplicity.”

Blue is easy to wear ; it's classic, elegant, fit for every occasion and all ages.

A colorful manicure is a fun way to incorporate something blue and if you're not ready to take the plunge with a full-on blue manicure, at least let your toes have some of the fun with a coat or two of blue polish with open shoes.

Blue nail lacquer « Aruba Blue » by Essie - Escape to paradise with this frosty sapphire blue

Blue Nail Lacquer “Seaside” by Butter London – a turquoise blue water color, vacation in a bottle

Blue nail lacquer 624 "Bleu trompeur" by Chanel

Blue nail lacquer 516 "Marinière" by Chanel – a navy blue to pair with your sailor sweater

Blue nail lacquer 63 "Bleu pensée" by Yves Rocher

Blue nail lacquer 502 "Shaby-navy " by Kure Bazaar

Blue nail lacquer 004 "Jagua Ink" by Guerlain

Blue nail lacquer "Night Out" by Nars – an electric cobalt blue

Blue nail lacquer teinte "Dark night" by Manucurist - the darker blue of the blue palette

Blue nail lacquer "Aruba Blue" d’Essie, an frosted blue sapphire

Blue nail lacquer benim "Blop 894" by Dior

Blue nail lacquer 494 "Junon" by Dior - So the forecast is showing rain today. Just embrace the weather head-on with this stormy blue-gray. Maybe it will bring you good luck.

Blue nail lacquer "Boyfriends jeans" by OPI

Blue nail lacquer royal opaque "Rich Girls & Po-Boys" by OPI

Blue nail lacquer "Bleu Majorelle" by Yves Saint Laurent, the captiviting blue find in the Marrakech gardens

Vernis à ongles « Soothing Sapphire” by Sally Hansen – a shimmery sapphire


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