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Rose Hip Oil is renowned as a powerful skin regenerating and restructuring agent. It contributes to erase scars, stretch marks and unsightly spots. It treats very dry skins and delays the apparition of skin aging and wrinkles.

A sunburn ? Make it your summer companion.

Pure Rose Hip Oil extra virgin oil obtained from the seeds of the Chilean wild Rose Hip fruit (Rosa Mosqueta) is first cold-pressed, enriched with Rosewood essential oil.

30 ml or 120 ml bottle with spray
30 ml bottle with droper

External use

Spray the oil on the zones to treat. Proceed with circular massages until full penetration.

Use pure oil in cases of burns, scars or spots.

For prolonged use, it is preferred to mix 10-15 % of Rose Hip Oil with a vegetable oil (such as sweet almond, argan or jojoba oil). You can also mix Rose Hip Oil in a cold cream to use it on the body or added to your clay mask. Good for dry skin.

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