2019 - 04 - Exfoliate with Kimika

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It's wisely stayed hidden beneath a big pullover and leggings so far, but now our pale winter skin needs a little emergency pampering! The cold dry season has left its mark on our elbows, knees and shins. If only there were a magic formula to totally transform our dry beleaguered skin into smooth bright skin! I've found it! Body scrub. But not just any body scrub - one with the wonderful scent of coconut! 

The solution: The Kimika Body Scrub
2019 - 04 - Exfoliate with Kimika 1

The KIMIKA sugar cane and coconut oil body scrub helps buff away aging skin cells and unclog pores with gentle exfoliation. 2 natural products. 2 targeting objectives: Vital maintenance of healthy skin occurs naturally with the alpha hydroxyl rejuvenation benefits of the sugar cane crystals. Coconut oil retains moisture, leaving the skin beautifully soft, bright and evenly toned.

Put chance on your side
2019 - 04 - Exfoliate with Kimika 2

Massage your skin two or three times a week with the exfoliating glove to increase blood circulation and stimulate the supply of oxygen and nutrients to regenerate your skin.

Can’t exfoliate those hard to reach areas on your back? Your troubles are over…Gently buff away dry dull skin and eliminate dead skin cells with the professional KIMIKA exfoliating back towel. So simple yet effective!

The exfoliation rejuvenates your skin by drawing oxygen to the surface and stimulates cell turnover and helps eliminate ingrown hairs. Your skin will noticeably become soft and supple. Don't wait! Say goodbye to dry "crocodile" skin and flaunt your shorts and mini skirts. Think KIMIKA. 

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