2018 - 09 - Crest Gum Detoxify to fight bacteria

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If you like sci-fi movies where monsters attack poor, helpless humans, know that a merciless war is being played every day, every second in your mouth. You attend, without realizing, the invasion of BACTERIA.

There is not one, not three, not five... but about 50 billion bacteria inhabit people's mouths. The most dangerous kind is streptococci. They feel happiest in the deposits that adhere to the tooth surface and live mainly off sugar. This produces organic acids that dissolve the hard, roughly 2.5-millimetre thick protective layer of tooth enamel. If the germs penetrate as far as the dentin, we see the worst scenarios happen: Caries, gingivitis, periodontitis...

Introducing new Gum Detoxify from Crest
2018 - 09 - Crest Gum Detoxify to fight bacteria 1

There are millions of harmful plaque bacteria that can lurk around the gum line causing gingivitis. Created after years of research by Crest scientists, the new Gum Detoxify neutralizes plaque bacteria toxins for 12 hours to prevent gingivitis.

It’s even powerful enough to help reverse gingivitis. 99% of gingivitis patients showed reduced gum bleeding and inflammation after 8 weeks in clinical studies.

Powerful activated foam formula
2018 - 09 - Crest Gum Detoxify to fight bacteria 2

The foaming action of Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste allows the product to go where the toothbrush doesn’t go. She manages to slip as deep as 4 mm below the gum line to neutralize plaque bacteria toxins.

It is also formulated to cool gums during and after brushing for a refreshing clean.

Because if you're not taking care of your gums, you're not really taking care of your mouth.

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