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Firmer, luminous, more even skin: Vital Light Serum restores to the skin what the years have taken away.

In 2010, Clarins lauched Vital Light Cream, a smooth and silky product to leave your skin glowing, as if illuminated from within.

In 2011, Clarins adds a highly concentrated anti-age serum that boosts the actions of Vital Light Day and Night while targeting two signs of ageing which are difficult to control:

  • Dark spots
  • A darkened complextion and dminished deep-sown luminosity.
How it works

Vitral Light Serum conbines two esceptional ingredients able to help even out the complextion and reduce dark spots that ofter appear with age:

It has the same effectiveness as hydroquinone, an anti dark-spot ingredient used in the pharmaceutical industry. A natural molecule. 100% safe. 0% toxicity.

- A pioneer plant that promotes evening of skin tone.
- Waltheria and cochlearia restore deep luminosity, diminish complexion dullness and reduce lines and wrinkles while firming the skin.

And more

Katafray extract and a double-weight huyaluronic acid offer their hudrating properties that also play a role in promoting more luminous-looking skin.

Cangzhu extract activates cellular metabolism which slows down with age.

Clarins Touch
2011 - 11 - Clarins Vital Light Serum  1

Vital Light Serum should be applied before Vital Light Day and /or Night to help boost their efficiency.

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