2016 Spring / Summer Make-up Collection from Dr Hauschka

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When a beloved band has a comeback, they are eagerly awaited by their fans, and greeted with a standing ovation. What they have brought back to us – the way they move us – is never forgotten. And similarly,several Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products are about to make a major comeback. The 2016 Spring/Summer Look is bringing favourites from past years’ limited editions back into the spotlight.

The little Plus: Karim Sattar, internationally acclaimed make-up artist, gives you make-up tips for creating a stunning appearance with the 5 chouchou products

Balancing Teint Powder – evenly radiant
2016 Spring / Summer Make-up Collection from Dr Hauschka 1

This perfect make-up, centres on an evening out your complexion. The compact Balancing Teint Powder, which was featured in the 2011 Lavender Dreams, and Natural Glamour Looks, balances out minor flaws, giving the complexion a beautifully smooth appearance. It smooths the skin and evens out colour différences. The three colours included in the powder compact can be combined to suit every skin tone. Balancing Teint Powder contains silk to give the skin a soft, velvety feel.

Karim's Tips
“To achieve an even complexion as the foundation for your look, first apply Balancing Teint Powder in all its nuances. Working in circular strokes, use the powder brush to distribute the powder from the forehead over the temples and cheeks all the way to the chin.

Eyeshadow Trio – flattering colours in three textures
2016 Spring / Summer Make-up Collection from Dr Hauschka 2

 This premium product lives up to the promise of its attractive packaging. The Eyeshadow Trio from the 2013 “Dear Eyes...” Spring/Summer Look, features flattering colours in three different textures: sparkling, silky and matte. They create harmonious, vibrant, shining nuances of colour. The gently shimmering “sparkling nude” tone not only provides an ideal foundation for make-up on the eyelid, but also produces highlights that make the eye appear larger. The silky, sparkling “pearly rose” colour lends the face a touch of freshness, while “matte chocolate” gives depth to the eyes. All three eyeshadows contain fine silk powder and extracts of kidney vetch, witch hazel, and black tea to care for the delicate skin around the eyes and give them a sparkling, shining allure.

Karim's Tips
Apply the Eyeshadow matte chocolate to the upper outside corner of the eye over the smudged Kajal Eyeliner. Then blend the Eyeshadow pearly rose from the inner corner to the middle of the upper lid and along the lower lash-line. Use the Eyeshadow sparkling nude to create highlights under the eyebrow.

Kajal Eyeliner 08 Taupe – expressive and subtle
2016 Spring / Summer Make-up Collection from Dr Hauschka 3

The Kajal Eyeliner 08 Taupe from the 2014 Chorus Spring/Summer Look, is an outstanding form of self-expression. Its tone is dark and earthy, creating contours that are both expressive and subtle. The neutral shade is suited to every eye colour without stealing the show. The rich formula of the Kajal Eyeliner features a composition of different botanical oils and waxes. Marula and canola oils
moisturise and protect the area around the eye. The pencil is pleasantly soft to apply, highlighting the uniquely beautiful shape of every eye. The integrated applicator makes it easy to create blended contours.

Karim's Tips
Then apply Kajal Eyeliner 08 taupe generously along the entire upper lash-line, smudge it with the applicator and blend it upwards over the lid crease towards the eyebrow. Highlight the lower lash-line as well.

Rouge Powder Duo – a delicate touch of colour
2016 Spring / Summer Make-up Collection from Dr Hauschka 4

Fresh and light like springtime, the two rosé shades are the perfect finishing touch to every make-up look. Featured in the 2009 Natural Pastels Look, The Rouge Powder Duo lends a delicate touch of colour to the cheeks. Whether used together or individually, these rosé tones add a subtle emphasis.

Karim's Tips
To ideally enhance the facial features, Rouge Powder Duo can be applied directly to the cheekbones of a narrow face, or below the cheekbones in case of fuller faces.

Apply the darker shade of the Rouge Powder Duo under the cheekbone and smooth it towards the front,followed by a lighter nuance on the highest point of the cheekbone.

Lipstick Novum 08 Maple Glow – subtle highlights for the lips
2016 Spring / Summer Make-up Collection from Dr Hauschka 5

The Lipstick Novum 08 Maple Glow, from the 2012 Slow Mood Autumn/Winter Look, leaves the lips feeling soft and silky thanks to its composition of premium argan oïl and beeswax, as well as mineral pigments and medicinal plant extracts. The colour of the slim-liner combines with the natural red of the lips to create completely unique nuances of colour. The soft berry red of Lipstick Novum 08 maple glow lends the lips highlights which are subtle, yet strong and expressive.

Karim's Tips
For a subtle finish to the lips, pucker them and dab on Lipstick Novum 08 Maple Glow. Then press the lips together gently to blend the Lipstick Novum with their natural colour.”

The little Plus care
The proven formulas have not been changed. Shimmering in the light, their incomparable nuances of colour suit all skin tones perfectly. And as an added benefit, moisturising medicinal plant extracts and botanical oils and waxes keep the skin hydrated, and protect it from external forces.

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