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Every spring we do some major housecleaning and clear out the house... but what about cosmetics? We tend to accumulate more and more, but we forget sometimes that each one has its own particular life span.

The first thing to do is to check the expiration date, if there is one. These are generally on care products. The active agents contained in them neutralize over time and no longer provide the effects for which you bought them. A moisturizing lotion that no longer moisturizes? Into the garbage can!

We love creams in little jars, which have a distinctly feminine appeal, but did you know that cream in tubes lasts longer and is less prone to bacteria? In contact with the air and our fingers, it rebels. Always use an applicator and clean it after every use. This is the best way to preserve your products.

We instinctively line up our products in the bathroom - that's normal. It's also practical. However, humidity is no friend of your beauty products. But then again, you don't want to move everything morning and evening! If you have a powder room, such as a guest "half bath" with no shower or tub, convert it into your make-up and beauty room. Otherwise, place your costliest and most fragile products into metal storage boxes - you can recycle those pretty cookie tins to your advantage!

How do we know when certain products are too old?
Can we "salvage" them? 

Loose powders
Powders can be classified as "long lasting" products. Kept away from heat, and particularly humidity, they will last for several years. But if they get grainy, toss them: they're unsalvageable.

Storage tips - Close the lid tightly to keep the air out. Let your powder puff breathe in the open air, rather than in the container. 

Pressed powders
Pressed powders have a much shorter "shelf life": from six months to a year. When you notice a waxy layer developing on the surface of your powder, it's time to throw it out. 

Tip: change your powder puff from time to time. 

Compact foundation has a longer life than liquid foundation. In a compact, it's the same principle as for powder. For liquid foundation, it's your nose that will notice it first. It may still be effective, but your nostrils will be your guide. 

Its longevity depends on the brand, but it's measured in months rather than years. So if you apply it and notice clumps on your lashes, it means it's drying out. Beware as well of infections! 
Hint: Never use water to dilute it; instead add 2 or 3 drops of sweet almond oil. Shake the container well and see if the mascara can be salvaged.

A little trick: Keep the brush; wash it well and use it as an eyebrow brush.

After about six months, lipstick generally starts to lose its moisturizing qualities and scent, though the color doesn't change. Its biggest defect is when it starts to smell like fat. If you don't want to leave an aftertaste of rancid oil during your next kiss, toss it!

Hints: Store your lipstick in a cool place. If it's a color that you use only occasionally, put it in the fridge.

Perfume gets "tired" when exposed to air and light. Keep it in its original packaging, or at least away from bright light and heat sources. 
Trust your nose! If your perfume smells "off," discard it. 

A little trick: If your perfume has faded or lost its staying power, pour it into an atomizer bottle. You can use it to scent your room or bedding.

Put 2 or 3 drops in your atomizer bottle filled with water to spray your ironing, or put a single drop into your iron to give your clothes the scent that you love. Personalize your laundry!

Nail polish
The best place to store your nail polish is undoubtedly the lower part of the fridge.

Hint: Is last summer's "coral" stuck in the bottom of the bottle? Has it thickened up so it's difficult to apply? Thin it with a few drops of nail polish remover. Give it a shake and you're set!

Tanning products
For tanning oils, there's no problem. However, lotions and creams should be stored in a metal box away from heat and humidity until next season.

A little trick: Once summer is over, you may find yourself left with a little self-tanning lotion. What should you do with it? It's best not to keep it until next year, unless you like surprises! Instead, add it sparingly - just a pinhead's worth - to your daily face cream and apply it. You'll look great!

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