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COVERGIRL Makeup Pro Greg Wencel explains

Of all forms of makeup foundation, liquid foundation make up is a favorite among professional makeup artists.

1. Test it

Test the shade on your jaw line. The right colour foundation for you is a shade that disappears onto your skin.

2. Warm or cold

A great way to know what shade could work for you is to know your skin tone.This is the underlying colour of your skin, which could be warm (yellow-to olive tones) or cool (pink, bluish-red or ruddy tones).

3. Mix for in between

If you find you are in between shades, blend two foundation colours together.

Neutral skin tones are those with no obvious overtones of olive or pink. In this case you may want to use a cool shade as your base and a warm coloured setting powder to enhance the complex colours of your face.

4. Depending on the season

Keep two shades of foundation in your collection: one that is suitable for your winter skin tone – lighter - and the other suitable for your summer skin tone – darker.

During the rest of the year, mix the two shades together for a perfect match.

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