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COVERGIRL Makeup Pro Greg Wencel explains


Apply moisturizer, wait 10 minutes before applying foundation. Allowing moisturizer to properly absorb into skin helps ensure that your foundation stays set throughout the day.

Open your mouth

Open your mouth while applying the foundation to help expose the neck area and eliminate an obvious line at the jaw.


Blend foundation onto your face gently with the help of a makeup sponge,
foundation brush, or with your fingers.

If you need more

To build coverage in the areas you need it most, try patting foundation into your skin. Be careful not to wipe back and forth, especially on mature skin, instead lightly tap and stipple into the skin to blend.

Prevent shine

Always apply powder to set makeup and reapply throughout the day in order to prevent shine.


Moisten the fingertips with water and blend makeup along the jaw line so there is no demarcation.

Allow the foundation to dry before moving onto the next step of your makeup routine, such as applying a pressed powder, in order to have the best effect of luminous coverage.

After you have applied your foundation, take a tissue and pat over your face. This will not only help blend the makeup together but also soften your look.

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