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The must-have color at the 2012-2013 fall-winter Fashion Weeks, purple is celebrating a return in shows from top designers. Let’s take a look at this season’s trendiest hue.

A purple rain is drenching the fall-winter 2012-2013 collections. This season’s hot color, purple brightens up winter’s cool beauty.

Much in evidence in the new collections from major design houses, purple may prove to be the new black since, like black, it adapts perfectly to any type of outfit.

At Givenchy, it’s purple’s day out, paired with sequins and silvery sparkles.

At Lanvin, purple gives the working girl a total look by adding color to strict tailored lines, or bringing a cheerier feel to a skirt and sweater.

Prada rocked the color in Milan, while Muiccia took lilac, violet and royal purple and put them to use in strong geometric patterns and encrusted embellishment.

Purple is appearing in many shades: bishop’s violet from Lanvin, amethyst from Givenchy and Lagerfeld, indigo from Balenciaga and lamé from Vanessa Bruno.

2012-2013 Fall / Winter make-up - Purple reign 1

Define your eyes with our Sexy Pulp Lash Plumping Mascara in Black. Apply it to your lashes with a slight, zigzag movement.

For that final touch of glamour use the Moisturizing Cream Lipstick in Rose thé. Superb!

2012-2013 Fall / Winter make-up - Purple reign 2

Set the violet liner by applying our Single Eyeshadow in Mauve iris to your lower and upper lash line and blend it towards the outer corners of your eyes.

For more intensity, apply with the Foam-tip Brush.

To capture the light, apply our Single Eyeshadow in Rose églantine on your eyelid with a brush.

2012-2013 Fall / Winter make-up - Purple reign 3

Apply a thick line of Waterproof Eye Pencil in Violet to your upper and lower lash lines to create an intense base for your eye look. Then, use our Angled Eye Brush and blend the color over your eyelids.

How to wear purple?
2012-2013 Fall / Winter make-up - Purple reign 4

Try a total purple look to enliven a tailored suit. Just because winter’s around the corner doesn’t mean you have to resurrect your dreariest gray pullovers!

When it comes to makeup, we asked Max Herlant, a professional makeup artist to the stars from Yves Rocher to share some techniques and tips with us:

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