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The serene approach to looking great!

Tranquillity is the key to looking good – with the new Slow Mood limited edition
Work, family, friends, hobbies – with everything happening in our busy lives, sometimes it can be hard to keep up. However, as women know, there is strength to be found in tranquillity. When we remain calm and composed, we can master our many tasks with aplomb – and feel better in the process.

This healthy serenity takes visible form in the new Slow Mood decorative cosmetic limited edition - The name says it all: Warm, gentle, coordinated colours lend a naturally beautiful and calm radiance and a soft, silky sparkle. The allure of peace and tranquillity is written all over the face.

Harmonious look
Dr Hauschka fall 2012 make-up collection 1

Silky and soft, these four new eyeshadow colours show the eyes in their best light. Whether the golden shimmering beige of pale caramel or the silky green of cedar dawn (Eyeshadow Duo 06), the gentle light brown of soft cinnamon or the dark brown of deep bronze (Eyeshadow Duo 07) – the colours of the new limited edition can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire, worn as a duo, trio or even a quartet. Fine silk powder combines with extracts of witch hazel, kidney vetch and black tea to care for the delicate skin around the eyes and give them a sparkling, shining allure.

Alluring highlights
Dr Hauschka fall 2012 make-up collection 2

To give alluring highlights to the eyes, nothing is better than the new Kajal Eyeliners in silky green (Kajal Eyeliner 06 - eucalyptus dew) and brown (Kajal Eyeliner 07 - mellow sienna), which were designed to coordinate with the colours of the two Eyeshadow Duos. The developers at Dr.Hauschka Decorative Cosmetics have reworked the texture of the two Slow Mood Kajal Eyeliners. Quince wax and Japan wax give the eyeliner an even more pleasant, silky feel when applied. At the same time, extracts of kidney vetch, witch hazel and black tea soothe the sensitive skin around the eyes.

The star attraction of the two new Kajal Eyeliners is their integrated applicator, which can be used to gently smudge the eyeliner and soften the look.

Shimmering lips
Dr Hauschka fall 2012 make-up collection 3

Moisturising care with translucent, shimmering colours – this is the special appeal of the two Slow Mood Novum Lipsticks in delicate orchid (no. 07) and maple glow (no. 08). A rich composition containing premium argan oil keeps the lips moisturised. The colours of the two slimliners combine with the natural red of the lips to create completely unique nuances of colour. Delicate orchid lets the lips shine in a natural nude tone, while the soft berry red of maple glow lends the lips subtle yet expressive highlights.

The foundation
Dr Hauschka fall 2012 make-up collection 4

First even out the complexion using the Dr.Hauschka Translucent Make-up (standard product line) that suits your skin tone. Dab face, including eyelids, with Translucent Face Powder loose (standard product line). It is also helpful to apply some loose powder under the eyes. This will catch any excess eyeshadow, letting you brush it away easily.

Subtle daytime look
Dr Hauschka fall 2012 make-up collection 5

Now you are ready to apply pale caramel eyeshadow over the entire eyelid, followed by deep bronze eyeshadow to the upper and lower lashline and the crease of the lid. Finally, use cedar dawn eyeshadow to give the entire lid a gentle glow. Once applied, the eyeshadow can be emphasized with Kajal Eyeliner – on both the upper and lower lashline, in eucalyptus dew green or mellow sienna brown. For a more natural look and softer contours, use the applicator to gently smudge the line. Mascara in brown (standard product line) gives the eyelashes a natural verve that harmonises with the Natural Allure colours. The lips should be highlighted using Lipstick Novum, either in subtle delicate orchid or darker maple glow.

A confident and dramatic look for the evening
Dr Hauschka fall 2012 make-up collection 6

Apply deep bronze eyeshadow along the lid crease to the inside corner of the eye to emphasise the upper eyelid. Follow by applying cedar dawn eyeshadow along the lower lashline until you reach the inside corner of the eye. For an extra shine, apply pale caramel eyeshadow over the eye make-up, including the lower lashline. This enhances the line along the eyelid. To further augment the colour of the eyeshadow, trace the eyeshadow with Kajal Eyeliner 06 in eucalyptus dew on the inside lid. Then use the applicator to gently smudge the eyeliner. To emphasise the natural sparkle of the eye, line the lower lid with Kajal Eyeliner 07 in mellow sienna. Give a finishing touch to the evening look by applying Volume Mascara in black (standard product line). Now let your lips shine with the gentle berry tones of Lipstick Novum 08, maple glow.

A ray of sunshine
Dr Hauschka fall 2012 make-up collection 7

Finally, give extra highlights to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin with gently shimmering Illuminating Powder, using a large brush to apply the powder. Now you are ready to start the day with Slow Mood.

With Illuminating Powder, it is always summertime. The loose powder with its fruity, fresh rose fragrance casts a gentle, silky glow over the entire face. It is also suitable for applying without foundation make-up. It can be used to give shimmering accents to the cheeks, brow and décolleté.

Illuminating Powder contains silk to protect the skin and leave it soft to the touch. With make-up that cares for the skin, it is easier to achieve serenity and composure. This inner confidence is reflected in the look we present to the outside world. It is part of the Slow Mood.

Nature’s treasures transformed for you since 1935
Dr Hauschka fall 2012 make-up collection 8
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