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Nothing emphasizes the splendour of your eyes better than a rich and sensual smoky look

1. Start by highlighting the area above the crease with Ivory Pearl eye shadow and lightly sweep color from crease to brow bone.

2. Next, sweep Silver Quartz eye shadow across the entire eyelid and blend it into the crease.

3. Apply Diamond Black eye shadow by gently dabbing the color onto the outer corner of the eye and gradually shading it out into the silver shadow across the eyelid.

4. Line the upper and bottom lash line, as well as the inside rim of the eye, with Smooth Blend eyeliner. The sponge tip applicator will help you easily smudge and extend your line for a smokier effect.

ALTERNATIVE: For even more intensity, you can try Black Mania Kohl eyeliner instead.

5. Apply several layers of Lash Lust mascara both on top and bottom lashes.

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