Skincare at all ages : 30's

In your thirties, you need to shift from prevention mode to prevention/correction mode. Each small wrinkle, spot, or unevenness in your complexion is the result of a process that started 10 years ago.

First signs of aging

At 30, a woman may begin to notice subtle differences in her skin including the beginning of expression lines around the forehead, eyes and lips. She may also experience larger pores, uneven skin and dark circles under the eyes.

The basics: Cleanse, moisturize, protect, and prevent

If you haven’t developed good skincare habits in your twenties, it’s time to start now! Cleanse morning and night, moisturize each time, and protect your skin against UV rays with an SPF 50+ sunscreen. Avoid exposing your face directly to the sun to retain your remaining collagen and elastin, which are attacked by the free radicals in the skin caused by exposure to UV rays.

Solve your skin problem before it get worst

 > Crow’s feet and small wrinkles on your forehead
Crow’s feet around the eyes are the first signs to appear. They are caused by dryness. Expression lines due to the permanent contraction of face muscles establish themselves gradually. Applying an eye contour treatment delays the appearance of crow’s feet. You can also apply it around the lips.

If you had regular microdermabrasion treatments in your twenties, keep at it! In your thirties, you want to stimulate your skin to grow new cells and produce collagen for their smoothing effect. Microdermabrasion is a great way to do that. If you haven’t got into the habit already, now’s the time!

> Fine lines and furrows
In your late thirties, you start seeing fine vertical furrows around the lips and a deeper hollow between the nose and the corners of the mouth. Small wrinkles on the forehead become furrows, and fine crow’s feet may be present even when you’re not squinting. Microdermabrasion combined with a glycolic peel are your first line of defense. In this comprehensive approach, microdermabrasion works on the outer skin layer and the peel acts deep down.

You can also start using Botox and filler gels as preventive treatments when you still have only small wrinkles and a few light expression lines. Light treatments are used to slow the aging process and replace the hyaluronic acid you’re starting to lose in your cheeks. This restores your skin tone and naturally tightens the skin. It smoothes out the furrows that are starting to form between your nose and the corners of your mouth without having to fill them.

> Dark spots and dull skin
Seeing more and more dark spots even though you use sun cream? Don’t worry, they’re not dangerous. They’re caused by subcutaneous pigments that have gradually become visible over time due to the sun tanning you did in your twenties. Admit it, you didn’t always use sun cream when you should have!

So what’s the best thing to do for dark spots? Use a dark spot serum with vitamin C or glycolic acid and start a micro-peel treatment. More recent, superficial spots will disappear for sure. As for deeper spots that have taken 10 years to form, some will disappear, while others will simply be less visible.

These very simple measures are very effective at staving off the signs of aging.


With the kind assistance of Epiderma

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