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Over the years, we've wanted to wear less and less on the beach... and now, we have to pay the price, by making a clean sweep of the golden triangle! Even the sexiest bikinis will look a dish rag if you let hairs peak out. So brace yourself and be merciless in removing them.

The ideal solution is electrolysis. It's permanent, but it's painful. Aesthetics salons offer bikini hair removal. When another person does it, you respond in onomatopeia, but the job gets done. When we do it ourselves, because the skin in this area is very sensitive, we're afraid of hurting ourselves and so we go about it too slowly. Result: it hurts twice as much!

Naturally, there gentle hair removal creams that leave a smooth surface for a few days, depending on your rate of hair growth. But for a long-lasting solution, waxing is THE answer for the summer. How do you apply it?

  • Choose hot or warm wax and work in a very small area at a time. Start by putting on an old pair of panties with a line similar to your bikini or swimsuit in order to protect whatever doesn't have to be removed (that will prevent you from dancing around wildly if you happen to go off course when applying the wax! It can happen!!)
  • Swipe the area where the hair is to be removed with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol. A dusting of talc will protect your skin and make the work less painful.
  • Now apply the wax in as thin a strip as possible.
  • Cover immediately with a strip of cotton (if working with warm wax), smoothing it in the direction the hairs grow.
  • Pull the skin taut, take a deep breath... and pull the strip away in the opposite direction  to the hair growth. At this point, it all depends on where you live (shit, bugger, damn, etc...) All that's left is to start again, always working a small area at a time, until everything is as smooth as Kojak's head.
  • Once again wipe the area with a cotton pad  moistened with alcohol or toning lotion containing a little alcohol.
  • Take a relaxing shower and moisturize your skin with night cream (richer than body cream).
  • A sprinkling of talc will finish the procedure. Now, pour yourself a glass of wine: you've earned it!

I almost forgot - if a little rash appears, don't worry. Normally any little red spots will disappear in 24 hours, so plan your wax the day before you head to the beach.


Photo: Veet for those who appreciate neither the razor or the wax.

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